How To Increase Your Personal Training Business

There are many people who choose a career path of a personal trainer. What these people may not know is that you’re not just going to be a personal trainer but also salesmen. You can know more about fitness than anyone you know but won’t necessarily be successful if you can’t get people to buy your service. You have to learn how to convince others why they should be hiring you and not someone else. Which is why we are writing this article. Here are some successful methods on how you can start making a higher salary as a personal trainer.

Tell everyone you know

The first step to take after you have become certified is to tell your friends and family. Let everyone around you know what you’re doing and be sure to have them spread the word. This is because if the topic “personal trainer” ever comes up you can be certain that your name will be mentioned. This is a free and effective way to market yourself also known as “word of mouth”. It’s not uncommon to have your friends and family support you and what you’re doing, especially if you’re known to get clients great results.

Don’t work at a commercial gym

While it is a good idea to start at a common commercial gym to gain some type of experience, we don’t recommend it. This is because too many trainers get comfortable working at a commercial gym that they don’t try to grow. We didn’t become a personal trainer to work for anyone else but ourselves. We are here to build a business around personal training. You’re better off offering free sessions since you’re new to the scene and generally you want to be able to provide proof of your work before you actually start charging. Once you your clients some good results, you can use your clients results as a foot in the door. The more experience and satisfied clients you get, the more you are worth. Plus, now you have your clients spread the word of mouth!

Build an online presence

After you’ve done a good job of letting everyone around you know what you’re doing it’s time to get noticed online. Get out there and build your own personal training brand and post it on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, Bing, Foursquare, Yellow Pages etc. Basically just be on every site that you think someone who NEEDS personal training will search. For example, if someone searches for “Sacramento Personal Trainer” on Yelp, you’d want to appear among the top of the list.

With social media being where a lot of people spend their time in today’s age, it’s important to market yourself there as well. A common example is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can start by writing a short intro about yourself and what you’re offering. If you’re new then you can offer free advice to provide some type of value upfront while building your personal training brand.

If you really want to make it to the top, then you should be omnipresent. When someone searches for “Sacramento Personal Trainer”, you want to be everywhere on every site. Place your business on Google Adwords and build a fitness website for yourself. You want to consistently be the first trainer anyone sees when they are searching for a personal trainer in your local area. Learning search engine optimization (SEO) can help generate more traffic to your website which converts into clients.

In the end, while these are all successful methods that the best trainers have used, don’t let your imagination stop there. Be resourceful and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to present your business. Your business may be slow at taking off but don’t worry, as long as you work on getting your business out in the open, eventually you’ll start taking off!